If you ask me where I'm from, I get all confused and irritated. I finally thought of a location that will let you create assumptions that I'm comfortable with...............
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August 10, 2005 by propagandhi
he kept on looking at me
like I was something special
like he was trying to figure me out
don't know if he wants a piece of the Shore

get your dick out of your ass
but look at me like you're trying to figure me out
gosh you're such a terd dude
i'm just looking to get some

i think I should just pass on this one
but I like the chunka chunka
i like chunka chunk papi

strength courage and wisdom
it's been inside of me all along
strength courage and wisdom

the confrontation...
August 10, 2005 by propagandhi
got the runs and he looks underfed
my baby
he looks like a fucking ethiopian gringo
i no like
i like chunka chunk

the hang out at my house was so nice
COGO Chris Number 2 Get the dick out of your ass Chris
Kessra Lamore
Britney Lafever
Michelle my fiance
Melissa the freelance fisherman lover
Melinda with da Codiene
and Shore from Blackistan

sweet dude
good luck with all those people
good luck to them
everyone with their struggles
with their fucking struggles
and ...
August 8, 2005 by propagandhi
and the songs that sing in my head are about to implode
boom boom
like hiroshima mothafucka

i need to take a break
just chill at home for a couple nights
cause it gets to me
its getting to me
the cruel cruel world
the fucking cruel world

almost doesn't count
across the universe
waves of joy
are drifting through my open mind
nothings gonna change my world
noghtings gonna change my world
nothings gonna change my world

go fiona
you are beautiful
so fuc...
August 8, 2005 by propagandhi
you go girl
this is my anthem
this should be (gosh I forget the word, an artists main song that they're kinda known by, perhaps their first hit) my __________.

got lost in a deep thought
but she brings the rhthym
to my heart

what about that weekend with beverly hill
and I've seen you walking with long legs louise
and you where just talking last night with denise
whose bed have your boots been under
this time did it feel like thunder baby
is she the one that you've been missing
August 8, 2005 by propagandhi
get some beat to these emotions mami
let the music flow into and outta your soul
don't give a fuck about what they think
because whitney and mariah where right anyways

and she's buzzing

beautiful nights on my beautiful island
continue without end
i'll be back

you should be nice to your dad
he's gonna die soon
go michelle

tell me what can I do
you're all i ever wanted
you're all I ever needed
so tell me what to do now
when I want you back

you're too needy
the maniac r...
August 8, 2005 by propagandhi
i want some cock
and you the bomb
like a fucking hooker in clarke
you the bomb
hook it up bitch
niggah please

i love you and I'm drunk
i love you and I'm drunk
i love you and I'm drunk
and japanophillipino porfavor
please bitch
August 7, 2005 by propagandhi
let me throw myself over and over again mothafucker
as the hyperglycemic alcoholic dehydrated homeboy speaks

you are a gangster
a mothafucking gangster
i want some fucking cock
and I'm throwing my needs all across the eastern hemisphere

mmmm I like it like that don't know how to act
slow motion for me
slow motion for me

gosh I am so dehydrated

and all my friends sitting with me in my little asian store
being Indians
was really beautiful
yummy yummy doug
chunky chunky clam...
August 6, 2005 by propagandhi
like the happy 26 yr old you are
you and your happy life

gosh drugs really are bad for you
i feel like shit today
go muki
go muki

dance to that indian song you princess
step into this culture you beautiful soldier
let me show you what love is all about
dance your shoulders off

they're gonna talk shit anyways
so let them talk
all they fucking want
all they want

gosh i feel like crap today
total crap

the music affects me
like a bitch
god bitches are hot
brad is such ...
August 5, 2005 by propagandhi
gosh just my luck
this song plays when I start to write about you

kind of the same luck that happened when I was writing that email that made me hate you
but it's all good now isn't it?
you're such a trooper.
you fucker.

so now I flashback to the scene where I walk inside that bar
exactly 7 days since we first met
since we fucked like crazy
since you didn't cum

i was out the night before, with no sign of you
but I arranged to get my number to you
you freak

but as I walk into...
August 4, 2005 by propagandhi
this looked over child
screams for more attention
lets fuck
lets suck
you kinky midwestern farmer
you mean boca wannabe jew
lets fuck
lets suck

dai challenge da ne

i want a fucking challenge, or do I want it easy
i just want love
fucking love
what's wrong with that

i know I'm a needy bitch
but gosh what's wrong with me?
August 4, 2005 by propagandhi
Death over Rejection
a solemn motto
that needs to cease and decease
my baby he's so cute
and he sent me a song as well

that fucker
he always says the right thing
and I was trippin for no reason

i need to have faith, he says
faith faith faith
i gotta have faith

do you not believe in fate, he says
fate fate fate
I gotta have fate

baby I know that you're so far away
can't help but think of how you lay
but now you're giving me the blues
i know you mean every word you...
August 3, 2005 by propagandhi
i poured my heart out
regardless of my blood sugar level
and I got knocked down
i'm stupid

i'm crowding him
that's good
so he can leave me
so he can throw me in the trash
i'm so annoying
and I'm too needy

i feel so fucking stupid

gosh, deep breathe.
August 3, 2005 by propagandhi
make me feel like I'm doing stupid

i don't lose arguments

its just something I'm not used to doing

don't fuck with me

please don't be stupid like that




I could go sleep with someone else

but I've already performed twice today

i feel like an overused opera star

I can't get pissed all the time

tune down the mushy stuff

niggah please

i want to get high

this song does it to me

tune down the mushy stuff

faggot, its ...
August 3, 2005 by propagandhi
your blasphemeous testimony plagues my ears
you washed up good for nothing nothing
come to my beautiful island
and my school and spread your inflated story
to my virgin beautiful ears
how dare you

you affect me only because I can't help but listen
i am a smart child
god forbid
i pay attention to your crap

the only thing I'm angry at is that you act like your shit don't smell because of the JC
and if you knew how beautiful my crap is without the JC
you would be fucking jealous
August 3, 2005 by propagandhi
I just came across this song.
It really reminds me of the time that we spent living together.
And when you would pick fights and commit human atrocities.
I'm sure this is the song that was really playing in your heart.......

You always come back when I'm at my weakest
When I'm fool enough to let you in
Sayin' how this time around is different
Asking if I want to try again

I do
But I don't
I want to
But I won't
I am
But I ain't
I could
But I just can't
It feels right...